Our application guide is intended to provide you with safety, preparation, application, finishing, and maintenance information in order to enable you with reliable and professional results.

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Please Note

Please note that this application guide provided by Mankiewicz Gebr. & Co (GmbH & Co.KG) and/or Mankiewicz Coatings LLC (commonly referred to hereinafter as Mankiewicz) is for informational purposes only.

Any recommendation and/or suggestion as well as any other statement provided in this document above or for the use of the ALEXSEAL products relies on general application techniques, especially but not limited with regard to the system overview and recommendation which has to be justified by the applicator and/or the shipyard. Pre-treatment recommendations, quantities and coverage stated in this application guide are estimates only and will vary according to a number of factors including wastage, surface, profile, sanding, any structural modifications and actual film thicknesses applied. Therefore, stated quantities and coverage must only be used as a guide.

Mankiewicz does not warrant the performance of the goods for any particular purpose, even though that purpose may be made known. No such warranty or condition is to be implied from the name or description under which any goods are supplied. Any and every warranty or condition as to description, quality or performance that might be implied by law or otherwise is hereby expressly excluded.

Therefore, the use or application of the ALEXSEAL product line or other products which may be incorporated into this system is at the discretion of the buyer without liability or Obligation of Mankiewicz. Our products are designed as an integrated coatings system. Failures caused by the use of products not designed as part of such system are not covered by this warranty. Moreover, any liability of Mankiewicz for faulty applications is excluded, even if the application process took place with Mankiewicz's knowledge of the application conditions, application methods and the application object and/ or if Mankiewicz has accompanied or supervised the application process with Mankiewicz employees in an application program, mutually determined prior to the application.