Long lasting

ALEXSEAL® HS Base Coat / Clear Coat System is the best choice for special requirements on the paint surface. The paint system consists of a base coat that needs to be overcoated with a clear coat. The system shows excellent chemical and mechanical resistance and is extremely glossy and color stable over years. 

The HS Base Coat is a fast-drying high-solid (HS) two component polyurethane base coat with excellent hiding power, especially designed for efficient applications in combination with an ALEXSEAL® Clear Coat.

ALEXSEAL® HS Clear Coat is a high solid two-component polyurethane based clearcoat that is characterized by a high gloss appearance with wet-look effect. The special product properties reduce the cleaning and maintenance effort and increase the value retention. After curing, the coating meets the highest requirements for gloss and color stability, even under extreme climatic conditions.
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Very good hiding power


Fast drying times


Long lasting finish 

Product Details

Because of its high solid content and the special pigmentation, the product ensures a very good hiding power already in thin layers. After a short drying time the product needs to be overcoated with one of the ALEXSEAL® Clear Coats in order to create a highly resistant and long lasting paint system. Together with its low VOC values, ALEXSEAL® HS Base Coat is the best product for efficient applications.

ALEXSEAL® HS Base Coat is used as a highly efficient base coat in combination with a ALEXSEAL® Clear Coat for spray applications.
It can be used internally or externally in areas not subject to permanent water immersion.

Safety Data Sheets

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