• Steel and Aluminum should initially be coated with an ALEXSEAL Protective Primer before applying Finish Primer 442. For detailed metal preparation instructions, please see “Substrate Preparation & Priming” starting on page xx.
  • ALEXSEAL Finish Primer 442 should only be applied over ALEXSEAL Super Build 302 or Fine Filler 303 after block sanding with 100 - 150 grit. For instructions on application of these products, please see “Surfacing” starting on page xx.

For details concerning the application of the product please refer to the technical data sheet of the product.

After the surface is primed using ALEXSEAL Finish Primer 442 and sanded to the desired quality, proceed to “Finishing” starting on page xx for instruction on applying an ALEXSEAL Topcoat.

Use the “Application Record” to document your application process, equipment settings and environmental conditions for future reference. We’d recommend you make photo copies or print copies from the online resources available at www.alexseal.com.

With the challenging work of sanding, fairing and priming complete, the surface is ready for application of the final topcoat. ALEXSEAL offers a variety of finish coatings tailored to exterior and interior applications, as well as specialized metallic and non skid products.