Fairing for All Weather Conditions

ALEXSEAL®‘s new Fairing Compound 242, completes our fairing compound portfolio. 242 has outstanding performance for all types of climates, so in both hot and cold climates, your yacht will benefit from ALEXSEAL®‘s new fairing compound. 242 is especially designed for yachts with dark hulls, that need the extra flexibility while traveling to extreme climates. Neither heat nor ice and snow will harm this fairing. This product is designed for purposes where an extreme range of temperatures is required.

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To withstand both hot and cold climates

Choice of working speed

Standard and fast cure converters available

High performance

Outstanding sag resistance and minimum shrinkage

Product Details

ALEXSEAL® Fairing Compound 242 is used for fairing all appropriately prepared surfaces and can be used for surfaces above and below the waterline. If ALEXSEAL Fairing Compound 242 is used below the waterline it must be sealed with ALEXSEAL Finish Primer 442.

Color of mixture: Green-gray
Standard Base: Light ivory
Standard Converter: Green
Fast Converter: Red

Safety Data Sheets

The safety data sheets contain information regarding work safety and environmental protection. These statements are based on our current state of knowledge regarding safety demands and do not guarantee certain characteristics.

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