Whether fiberglass, wood or metal – the barrier that ultimately stands between a boat‘s substrate and the destructive marine elements – is the paint. The entire ALEXSEAL system was designed specifically for the harsh marine environment. Proper preparation, application and maintenance are essential for maintaining the appearance and integrity of this finish. Haphazard surface preparation, priming, fairing or finishing can result in downtime and additional costs. Correctly applied quality finishes create a level of economy with improved protection from the elements, UV resistence, and easier exterior maintance.

All surfaces must be cleaned and sanded, then faired as needed to fill imperfections, and then sanded, primed, and re-sanded before the final application of the finish coating. Proper application of ALEXSEAL systems requires attention to detail, and is not easy, but the end results are incredible.

As you read and refer to this guide, keep these basic ideas in mind:

  1. There is never any substitute for safety. 
    Caution: The solvents, primers and paints used in this process are volatile and pose serious physical hazards if not handled  properly. Avoid contact with eyes, skin or clothing. Use solvent resistant safety eye wear with splash guards. Solvent impermeable gloves, clothing and boots should be worn to prevent skin contact. When applying an ALEXSEAL Topcoat or any other isocyanate-containing product, a respirator that is approved for use with such products must be used. A positive pressure air-supplied respirator (TC19C NIOSH/MSHA approved) is recommended.
  2. Surface preparation is the foundation of a strong finish.   
  3. Take your time with your work.
  4. Hasty, careless sanding, priming or fairing, will only create more work for you and will also affect the final result.
  5. Cleanliness of equipment, work area and the surface will result in precise applications that will always reflect well on you.
  6. Knowledge is the scarcest of all resources. Use this guide often.