The Base of Below Deck Protection

ALEXSEAL® Interior Primer 178 is a two component epoxy based primer which is very fast drying. It can be overcoated quickly with ALEXSEAL® N-Series Interior Topcoat 578 and is characterized by low odor. After final drying ALEXSEAL® Interior Primer 178 is mechanically resistant and offers a good corrosion protection on all kinds of metal.

It can be left without topcoat in areas, where aesthetic features are not required. ALEXSEAL® Interior Primer 178 has been approved by IMO Resolution MSC.307 (88)-(FTP-Code 2010) as marine paint with low flame-spread characteristics.

Approved protection

As marine paint with low flame-spread characteristics

One for all

Corrosion protection on all kinds of metal

High performance

Low odor and high mechanical resistance

Product Details

ALEXSEAL® Interior Primer 178 is used for corrosion protection and adhesion promotion on steel and aluminium substrates. After curing it offers a solid primer layer with good chemical and mechanical resistances.

Color of mixture: White / Light Gray
Base Material: White / Light Gray
Converter: Clear

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