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Image Credits

We are very happy to have received permission from so many of our partners and photographers to use their images. Where it was technically possible to include the credits for the image rights directly as part of the responsive design of our website, we have done so. For those places where it was not technically possible, we have listed the image credits accordingly.

Our great respect goes to all the photographers who with their highly professional work capture the great painting work of the applicators and shipyards in the picture, which is carried out with our products.

Credits home page:

Top Slider 1: © SYT, Charl van Rooy
Top Slider 2: © Joel Reiner, Quicksilver Studios
Top Slider 3: © Ocean Alexander
Top Slider 4: © Jeremy Bidon
Top Slider 5: © Billy Black

Box: "Impressive Resistance": © Hatteras

Product Slider - Exterior Coatings: © MICHAELKURTZPHOTO
Product Slider - Auxiliary Products: © Makara Viking 65 EB

Box: "DIY": © Makara Viking 65 EB

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Products: © Mankiewicz Gebr. & Co.
Colors: ©
Application: ©
Bayliss Boatworks