The product-related technical data sheets and safety data sheets can be found for each individual product in the Products section of our website.

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At a glance and on the point

Here you will find all the important overview documents on our products and help on their application.

Please note that all ALEXSEAL® products are intended for professional use only and the application process must be carried out by professional users in accordance with the respective material data sheets.

In case of any doubts regarding the properties and use of our products, please contact your local dealer. 

The product-related technical data sheets and safety data sheets can be found for each individual product in the Products section of our website.

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Product Overview

Find a short but detailed overview of our current product portfolio. Available in several languages.

Mixing Chart

An optimum coating result is based on the right mixture. Find helpful hints for the correct application in our Mixing Chart. Available in a variety of languages.

Safety Chart

Here you can find health tips for spraying epoxy based coatings.

For further safety datasheet instructions, please check the Mankiewicz SDS Search Tool for our products. It contains information regarding work safety and environmental protection. These statements are based on our current state of knowledge regarding safety demands and do not guarantee certain characteristics.

SDS Search Tool works on:

  • Windows based tablets, computers and laptops
  • Android based devices and mobile phones
  • Apple (OSX) based computers and laptops (using the Chrome Browser) - IOS devices are currently not compatible.


Here you find helpful documents for a professional application of our products.
Detailed technical and safety datas for each product can be found in our product section.

Standard Color Values

Here you find a helpful document of RGB values, which are derived from digital spectrometer readings of actual color samples.

Note: These values cannot be guaranteed to match the final applied product color for your project. These values are intended for general reference purposes only, such as approximating color schemes in mock-up illustrations.

Care & Maintenance Instruction

In the harsh marine environment, a high quality yacht finish requires proper application techniques and follow-up maintenance to provide the long-lasting, lustrous shine you demand. Here you will find detailed maintenance instructions and documents to ensure that you enjoy your ALEXSEAL® finish for years to come.

We also recommend that you take a look at our Care & Maintenance Presentation.

Logo Downloads

You’ll find a collection of logo resources that will help you communicate the ALEXSEAL® message in an effective manner.
ALEXSEAL® blue: c100 m80 y10 k80 or PANTONE 289C and ALEXSEAL® red: c4 m100 y95 k0 or PANTONE 032C

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