Sportfish Makara

Example of a Seamless Blending for Metallic Spot Repair

A yacht is always an expression of lifestyle and at the same time an exclusive commodity. Being on the water or in the dock, it can happen that you involuntarily damage the hull or other painted surfaces. Making an invisible metallic topcoat spot repair is an absolute master challenge that normally could only be done by a handful of painters worldwide.

Image © Makara Viking 65 E.B.→

The special difficulty: The metallic flakes in the spot repair paint have to align themselves in exactly the same way as those applied with the previous paint job. The most critical part of the repair is the transition from the original paint to the edges of the newly painted surface. ALEXSEAL® democratizes this metallic paint repair process with the M0007 metallic blender (a metallic base coat). It facilitates the painting of the transition areas of the metallic to the completely repainted surface. With this product it is possible to almost match the original metallic effect and achieve a nearly seamless repair.

The Metallic Spot Repair of the Sportfish MAKARA

It is not uncommon for a sportsfish boat to have its paint scratched when catching large fish. It was with this in mind that owner of sportsfish Makara, a Viking 65' EB, wanted to select a metallic paint that could be repaired.

During the refit of the 2001 built vessel, the repairability was needed earlier than expected. After completing an excellent finish of the hull, a section of the scaffold dropped during stormy weather and scratched the hull in eight sections. The ALEXSEAL® metallic blender had to be called into action. “Luckily the painter did not have to repaint the entire hull side”, said the happy owner. “Supported by the ALEXSEAL® metallic repair recommendation and with technical assistance of the local ALEXSEAL® team, the painters at Maza Boat Corp in Florida were able to achieve a flawless metallic blend repair on the starboard hull.” Time saved, money saved – mission complete.

 Image © Makara Viking 65 E.B.

Metallic Blender M0007

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