Metallic Spot Repair

ALEXSEAL® Metallic Blender is a useful helper to optimize the quality of challenging metallic spot repairs.

↑ Image © Makara Viking 65 E.B. 

Technical Data Sheet

For further information please see Alexseal Metallic Repair Guide.

Product Details

To have a save and successful metallic spot repair process, we recommend to follow the detailed "M series Metallic Spot Repair Recommendation
using M0007 Metallic Blender"

Safety Data Sheets

The safety data sheets contain information regarding work safety and environmental protection. These statements are based on our current state of knowledge regarding safety demands and do not guarantee certain characteristics.

For Individual Product Safety Sheets, please use the Mankiewicz SDS Search Tool

SDS Search Tool works on:

  • Windows based tablets, computers and laptops
  • Android based devices and mobile phones
  • Apple (OSX) based computers and laptops (using the Chrome Browser) - Attention: IOS devices are currently not compatible.

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