They love it Matterhorn White

M/Y Apogee has received a refit with ALEXSEAL Yacht Coatings for the third time. The charter yacht team tells us why the success story continues.

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From October 2022 to July 2023, the M/Y Apogee has been refitted at the Amico Shipyard in Genoa, Italy. Numerous works have been carried out to set the functionalities of the yacht and the level of an exclusive travel experience to a superior next level.

The Apogee received new anchor chains. Steel tanks and tank coatings were repaired. The engine room got a fresh coat of paint. The bridge got an entirely new technical equipment.

“The ability of the product to be sealed, touch up paint, and blend is a game changer.”
-M/Y Apogee - Captain John Fleckenstein

To ensure a comfortable atmosphere for the charter guests, not only has the air conditioning been equipped with a new interior ventilation system, but the culinary well-being of the guests now comes from an even better-equipped galley.

All teak decks were replaced for the prestige exterior, and the exterior upholstery, cushion covers, and awnings were also renewed. All stainless steel applications and components were polished. And the yacht was completely repainted. Once again, as with the previous refits, a shining Matterhorn White (ALEXSEAL Premium Topcoat 501 T9123) was chosen.

“That bright appearance when the Apogee enters a harbor is our brand image,” says Captain John Fleckenstein, underlining the effect of the paint finish on a luxury yacht. The final finish is much more than surface protection and resistance to chemical and mechanical influences.

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He praises the Matterhorn White color as a “timeless classic” and emphasizes that white has proven to be very valuable on a charter yacht that is in use for two seasons a year. Charter yachts have a more than tight schedule and workload during the season.

His ship did not make it easy for the ALEXSEAL coating: “M/Y Apogee has put the topcoat to the test over the years with dirty generator emissions. And although the boat always got a refit after five years or more, crew and charter guests always said, ‘the boat looks like new’. With greener generators after the refit, the paint will have it a little easier in the future.”

As captain, John Fleckenstein supervised the entire refit and the paint job daily and praised the close and good cooperation between the shipyard, paint contractor, and crew. “The operation at Amico & Co. shipyard is excellent. I highly recommend considering for maintenance small or large.”

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