Sustainability That You Can See

We Are Part of the Energy Observer Expedition

As a supplier for renewable energy markets, the search for sustainable products and production methods has always been a focus of the ALEXSEAL® team. Therefore, we were not only happy but proud, when a few years back, we were asked to become a part of the Energy Observer expedition.

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The Energy Observer is a former racing yacht that is powered only by the sun, wind, and self-generated hydrogen and travels around the globe in search of innovative sustainable solutions. At the same time, the crew wants to make people aware that energy can be drawn from nature without wasting or damaging it.

The yacht started its self-proclaimed odyssey back in 2017. In the first years of its voyage, the Energy Observer already visited numerous countries in the Mediterranean and Northern Europe. Next up are several destinations on the US coast, Central America and Asia. The expedition is expected to come to an end in 2023. By then, the Energy Observer will have visited more than 100 ports in 50 countries all around the world.

ALEXSEAL® supplied both exterior and interior coatings for the project - from fairing compound to topcoats. The project offers us a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to subject our products to an extraordinary stress test, and we are confident that the results of these tests will provide valuable insights for the improvement 
of existing products and the development of new ones. We wish the entire Energy Observer team all the best for the adventures and experiments ahead.

 Image © Jeremy Bidon

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