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Through the Pudget Sound

Have you ever made a trip to the Northwestern Tip of the US mainland? If not, you should! It’s worth the trip, everybody will tell you so. But beware: The climate is as unpredictable as nature is beautiful. The fascination of the rough wilderness, for any tourists, is countered by the great challenge to man and machine, who must navigate and exist in these weather conditions.

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The crews of the vessels from Great Western Attractions (GWA) in Seattle know them very well. With two new 78’ catamarans, they have two new shining vessels for their multi-faceted tourism experience. Both builds by All American Marine were painted with ALEXSEAL®’s High Solid Base Coat/Clear Coat system.

All American Vessels for Great Western Attractions

The durability and long-lasting brilliant appearance, are the reasons All American Marine chose to use ALEXSEAL®‘s High Solid Base Coat/Clear Coat system. Another reason for their decision to use ALEXSEAL® was the excellent technical service of the ALEXSEAL® Sales team who oversaw the project from start to finish.

All American Marine also needed a system that was not only durable and shiny but also a system that would help cut down labor hours. So, they first applied ALEXSEAL®‘s Protective Primer 161 then our Superbuild 302. After these steps, the entire catamaran‘s High Solid Base Coat/Clear Coat was applied in three days! This helped ensure a long-lasting, brilliant appearance, which is especially crucial for the two catamarans‘ eye-catching finish.

ALEXSEAL®‘s High Solid Base Coat/Clear Coat is a proven topcoat system used in the yacht market for over five years; the same paint system has been used with great success in the aviation industry for decades. So, whether you are painting a superyacht, sportfish, or a catamaran that shows the world‘s beauty, ALEXSEAL®‘s High Solid Base Coat/Clear Coat system may be the ideal solution for you.

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Metallic Base Coat / Clear Coat System

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