Running Tide

Refit of a race yacht legend

Sparkman & Stephens produced several legendary sailing yachts, but it’s believed that Running Tide won more races than them all — with well more than 200 trophies.

Image © Billy Black →

Wolter Huisman built the aluminum hull in Holland and then shipped it to America, where Kretzer Boat Works on City Island, New York, completed the build. Her interior was simple, as the owner’s focus was purely on racing. She was considered innovative in her day, but, to some experts, downright radical, given that she didn’t even have an owner’s stateroom. The entire forward section aboard Running Tide was reserved for sail stowage.

Refit by New England Boatworks

Fast forward to 2018, and Running Tide’s owner decided it was time for a complete, down to the ribs, refit and chose the talented team at Safe Harbor New England Boatworks to handle the project. New England Boatworks teamed up with Pedrick Yacht Design, to update all of Running Tide’s systems, interior layout, and rigging.

Over the next 18 months, the hull was taken down to bare aluminum and coated with ALEXSEAL®’s Protective Primer 161, re-faired, primed, and top coated in ALEXSEAL® Premium Topcoat 501 in Super Jet Black. At the late June 2020 launch, the quality of the paintwork was visible to all.

Tom Rich Technical Project Manager, New England Boatworks
“After all this time and money spent, we feel the paint job has put this refit over the top … stunning.”

ALEXSEAL® is immensely proud to have our system selected for this extensive refit. We look forward to seeing her out on the water as she adds to her impressive racing history – another great finish!

↑ ↓ Images © Billy Black

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