More Than Just a Workshop

Application Training at ALEXSEAL

We offer workshops in our facilities in Hamburg and Charleston.

We at ALEXSEAL® have always been proud of our professional technical support programs and are convinced that our customers, be it the captain of the yacht, the paint shop manager or the actual applicator, cannot be enough prepared in advance of working with Alexseal products. Therefore, we have introduced our Alexseal Applicator Training; a very special coatings workshop. 

Class room meets spray booth

Held at our facilities in Hamburg, Germany, and Charleston, USA, the participants come together for several days to talk and learn more about topics such as the history of Alexseal, extensive product knowledge including the review of Technical Data Sheets (TDS) for our complete system, repair techniques, safe handling recommendations as well as suggestions for spray booth and spray gun setup.

And of course, lots of hands-on-training in spray booths are also on the agenda. In Charleston, the workshop takes place in our new expanded Technology & Application Center. During the three-day-long workshops, the attendees split their time between the classroom and the spray booth. In the end, various coatings are applied to numerous panels.

Success for all participants

By participating in these workshops, our partners and customers not only get to know ALEXSEAL®, our people and our philosophy much better but also support us in improving our products and support. For us at Alexseal learning about problems and obstacles in the daily business and exchanging know-how is a cornerstone of a successful partnership from which all participating parties can only profit.

At the end of the workshops, all participants are very enthusiastic and grateful for the experiences. Once more, these coating trainings are a great success and both our teams in Hamburg and in Charleston look forward to planning and scheduling future workshops and sessions for our partners to master the ins and outs of everything Alexseal.

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