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MY PREDATOR with a Base Coat/Clear Coat System

The ALEXSEAL® Base Coat / Clear Coat paint system has its origins in the aviation sector. With the system build-up of colorgiving Base Coat and additional protection-giving Clear Coat, it was possible to set new standards in application speed and gloss stability, introduced to the market by Mankiewicz, home of the ALEXSEAL® brand.

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The same logic is used for yacht coatings, resulting in advantages in terms of sustainability, durability and appearance. MY PREDATOR, which made a splash in the yacht market in 2008, was repainted in 2018 (Hull) and 2020 (Superstructure) with the ALEXSEAL® Base Coat / Clear Coat system. We were able to talk to Captain Greg Drewes about the results and experiences with the new coating:

Interview with Captain Greg Drewes, MY PREDATOR

Being the captain of a superyacht is not just a job, but a real passion. When you look at PREDATOR, what do you love most about this yacht?

The mixture of dynamism, sportiness and a certain aggressive elegance that the shape of the yacht exudes. It combines luxury and sportiness at the highest level.

Why did you choose an ALEXSEAL® Base Coat / Clear Coat system for the repaint of the hull (2018) and superstructure (2020)?

The system combines absolute wet look effect and high durability. This combination creates a long-term excellent appearance.

How does the appearance of a Base Coat / Clear Coat system differ from a conventional topcoat?

DOI is an essential factor. This is already outstanding with conventional topcoats in the yacht sector, but a BC/CC system sets yet another standard. In addition, the hull coating applied in 2018 shows outstanding gloss stability. We were so happy with results we repainted the entire vessel with the system.

What advantages do you see in this system for crew and owner?

The boss is always pleased with a flawless appearance and on the logistical side, of course, the longest possible intervals of repainting. Our crew has a more practical approach - the fast and uncomplicated cleanability of the surface puts a smile on their faces.

Was the performance of the paint the main factor when choosing a system for the repaint of hull and superstructure?

A main factor, of course. But not the only one. The paint job of PREDATOR was carried out in close cooperation between Feadship, Yachting Protection and ALEXSEAL® . A strong support and partnership with all parties is also an essential key to perfect results.

Metallic Base Coat / Clear Coat System

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