Brush 'n' Roll

ALEXSEAL® Topcoat 501 Roll Additive

tested by Andy Miller, Boatworks Today

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With Andy Miller, passionate yacht refit expert and Youtube blogger, we have a prominent tester who puts many different yacht paint products from a wide range of suppliers through their paces live and, above all, puts them through their paces in terms of practicality. With our ALEXSEAL® Topcoat 501 Roll Additive, he tested an additive product in one of his videos, which was developed for small boat yards and painters who prefer to apply with brush and roller. 

One of our ALEXSEAL® colleagues once said: “Andy is a Brush ’n’ Roller Boy.” What is the big advantage for you and your followers of rolling and not spraying? 

Spraying is great but it does come along with a few challenges like dealing with overspray or having the proper equipment. High levels of fumes and chemicals in the air require adequate filtration and air flow to mitigate. That’s not easily managed within the DIY crowd or by small marina operators. These kinds 
of issues can become very restrictive, especially when attempting to paint outdoors or in someone else’s building where other boats or property may be affected. Having the ability to roll a topcoat material while still achieving near spray quality results is a very simple work-around to these issues and make the 
painting process much more accessible. 

You tested the Roll Additive for the first time directly 
live in front of running cameras. What was your experience with the product? 

The A5018 roll additive is a game changer for sure. In the past a great roll / tip job required a fair amount of technique and experience to achieve that wet mirror look that we’re all hoping for; something that is easier said than done.This rolling additive essentially flattens the learning curve and simplifies the overall process. Over the past year I’ve seen many first time DIY projects completed in less than ideal conditions turn out like they were finished by a seasoned painter. The ALEXSEAL® 501 base has always been impressive on how well it flows and levels; paired with their A5018 rolling additive it’s brought to the next level.

What tips can you give other DIY yacht painters for the Roll Additive? 

Mix it correctly and just like other coatings that are applied by Brush ’n’ Roll don’t over-work the material. Apply it evenly with minimal strokes and let the additive do what it was designed to do which is help with flow and leveling. On the mixing combine the 501 base, C5012 brush converter and A5018 rolling additive 
and allow to sit for 15 minutes (aka induction time) then mix in the R5015 brush reducer. Mix ratio should be 2:1:1 meaning 2 parts 501, equal parts converter and reducer and the appropriate volume of the A5018 additive (Ex: 16oz 501, 8oz C5012, 8oz R5015 reducer and 10ml of the A5018 additive). I’ve found the small graduated syringes or children’s medicine cups particularly helpful for measuring out the A5018 additive. If you are ready with preparations, let the fun begin.

Andy Miller
The A5018 roll additive is a game changer for sure.

Roll Additive for Topcoat 501

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