Addicted to Craftsmanship Perfection

Yachting is not a normal business, yachting is a passion to which you are dedicated. Owners, crews, shipyards, painters and suppliers like us are dedicated to the perfect experience on the water. Whether it's a sportfish, sailing racing yacht, picnic boat or superyacht. It's always about craftsmanship perfection.

As a strong brand of the Mankiewicz Group, the Alexseal team can rely on the strong support from 17 worldwide facilities. We would like to give you a little insight into the two main anchorages of our global Alexseal crew.


The European ALEXSEAL team

Based in the North of Germany, the European Alexseal team has the perfect set-up to create benchmark-setting products.
The ALEXSEAL® team is a valued part of the Mankiewicz group and is able to use a state-of -the-art set-up for production, testing, design and R&D.

Explore the impressive technical set-up of Mankiewicz and ALEXSEAL® on the Mankiewicz website!

Along the European coasts

Our Yacht Coatings experts are on site in the market. Wherever motor and sailing yachts are newly built or undergo extensive refits, our local experts are on site. In Europe, these are primarily The Netherlands, France, Italy, Great Britain and Germany. 

We are at your service.

The production site of Mankiewicz in Hamburg, Germany is also the home port of the European Alexseal Yacht Coatings team. The port city of Hamburg is known as the "Gateway to the World" and is one of the most important business and innovation locations in Europe. A place where our team enjoys feeling at home.
Innovaition based in Charleston, South Carolina - a city full of tradition. Mankiewicz LLC is the home port of our American ALEXSEAL team.

The American ALEXSEAL team

Charleston, South Carolina is the base camp of the American ALEXSEAL® team. At the location of Mankiewicz LLC, the team has the best logistical and application-technical set-up to precisely implement the individual requirements of the North American market in high-quality product solutions.

The large application technology center is a traditional venue for our paint schools, where we work with our customers to create a clear focus on the perfect finish for a yacht.

East Coast, West Coast

All coasts of the USA are passionate yachting areas. Even if these have different characteristics of the types of yachts, all of them are united by the demand for perfect surfaces and individual service. 
That's why we have yacht coating specialists on all coasts to work with you to bring the dream of a brilliant finish to life.

Three oceans - one family

Our yacht experts are located worldwide. And even though the yacht market in the Americas, Asia and the European yacht market differ in some aspects, our teams on each shore work very closely together.

Because all yacht owners, painters and shipyards have a common denominator: the need for durable, high-gloss and functional surface coatings. And developing these is our claim - worldwide, day after day and yacht after yacht.

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