Finish Primer 442

Finish Primer 442 FamilyALEXSEAL® Finish Primer 442 is an epoxy-based finish primer offering advanced adhesion qualities over various substrates, exceptional sanding characteristics, and good film build.

The product’s special characteristics ensure a reduction of cleaning and maintenance, while at the same time preserving the yacht’s appearance and value.

Range of Application

ALEXSEAL® Finish Primer 442 is designed to prime and seal old and new, properly prepared, stable surfaces such as gelcoat and fiberglass, as well as to seal other ALEXSEAL® primers and filler systems. Using this primer as a base enhances the “Wet Look” of ALEXSEAL®’s Topcoats. Finish Primer 442 may be used above and below the waterline.


Colors of mixture: White / Gray
Base material: White / Gray
Converter: Clear

Technical Data Sheets