Life Is Full of Colorful Choices

Every need of our customers requires different product characteristics. Therefore we are offering three different yacht coating systems in our ALEXSEAL ® product portfolio All three topcoats are available in standard color care colors and upon request in custom colors.

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Complexity Solved by Performance

Designing the surface of a yacht perfectly means bringing together the owner's demands with the craft of the yacht builder in the best possible way. Sometimes the applicator and owner are in close communication - for example, on small yachts – or sometimes, an entire team of painters works to implement the owner's wishes for his superyacht. But one point is always a requirement for the perfect result: choosing the right paint system.

We put our three Topcoat systems next to each other to help you choosing the fitting product solution:




T-Series: Premlum Topcoat 501

ALEXSEAL® Premium Topcoat 501 is our classical polyurethane Topcoat. It is providing a high gloss mirror-like surface even on huge areas.


X-Series: Acrylic Topcoar X

Using the latest coating technologies available. ALEXSEAL® Acrylic Topcoat X is one of the most durable, highest gloss and best leveling acrylic urethane finish in the market. After a short drying time it is very easy to polish and also to repair. The product is suitable for smaller and medium sized projects.


H-Series: High Solid BC/CC

ALEXSEAL® High Solid Base Coat/Clear Coat System is originally coming from the aviation industry and offers a high solid base coat with very good hiding power in brilliant colors. It needs to be overcoated with an ALEXSEAL® clear coat.

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