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General Conditions of Utilization


The Conditions of Utilization are valid for all areas of this information website; possible complementary conditions are referred to respectively. We reserve the right to alter the Conditions of Utilization, our General Terms and Conditions of Supply as well as the information website at any time, if so required by changes of either the information or the legal regulations. The user automatically agrees to the current version. Therefore, you should take note of alterations / supplements when next visiting this information website.

1. Contents of the information website

Company Mankiewicz Gebr. & Co. (GmbH & Co. KG) (referred to as “MG” hereinafter) accumulated the information given on this website from internal and external sources with professional care and to the best of its knowledge. Neither MG nor third parties involved in setting up or transmitting this information website are liable for damages or injuries caused by the following: access or impossibility of access, use or impossibility of using this information website, use of false or incomplete information or reliance on any information given in this website. Especially, MG does not warrant up-to-dateness, correctness, completeness or quality of the information provided. Liability claims against MG for damages caused by utilization or non-utilization of the information website are strictly excluded, unless it is proved that MG acted with intent or gross negligence. All information contained in this website is subject to change and non-binding. MG reserves the right to change, supplement, delete or to temporarily or completely stop publication of either part or all of the information without special notice. Therefore, you should check the information contained in this website before utilization. The service contained in this information website does not relieve you of checking our service information (technical information in particular) and our products regarding suitability for the intended purposes. If you require specific information regarding our products, please contact us directly.

2. Material safety data sheets

The statements made in the material safety data sheets are based on our current state of knowledge, describing our products with regard to safety demands and not meaning to guarantee certain characteristics.

3. Disclaimer

In spite of doing thorough checks we assume no liability for the contents of external links; the operators of the linked websites are solely responsible.

4. Links

If direct or indirect references are made to links outside MG´s responsibility, MG is solely liable if MG has knowledge of the contents and it is technically possible and reasonable to prevent utilization in case the the contents are unlawful. For further contents and particularly damages arising from utilization or non-utilization of the information given, the party offering the information is solely liable, not the party referring to the publication via the links.

5. Surrender of the use and benefit, copyright

All information, documents and displays published on the MG website are sole property of MG; the contents are for personal, non-commercial use only. MG reserves the right to prosecute, either by civil or criminal law, any kind of unauthorized use by copying, publishing, circulating or presenting parts or all of the information. The MG logo and other brand names are trademarked. Unauthorized use of these brand names or other data is explicitly prohibited and constitutes a breach of copyright, brand right or other protective rights.

6. Transmitted data

The user of the interactive MG information website is entirely responsible for all information he sends to MG, particularly regarding contents and accuracy of the data. He assures to be the sole owner of copyright and right of use of the data created and/or transmitted by him. The user grants MG unlimited right of use of the transmitted data. MG is entitled to transfer the respective rights to third parties.

7. Obligation of secrecy

All (personal) data getting known by MG during the utilization are treated according to the pertinent data protection regulations. In particular, these data are only kept on record as long as is necessary for reasons of transmission; they are not passed on to third parties. Possible evaluation for statistical reasons is only done anonymously. Further, we refer to the user´s right to disclosure, correction and deletion and / or blocking according to data protection regulations.

8. International users

This information website is supervised, maintained and operated by the MG headquarter in Hamburg , Germany and designed for worldwide utilization. MG does not warrant that the information presented worldwide is correct or that products and services are available worldwide in the same mode and size and at the same conditions. If you visit or download the information website, you are responsible that this is compatible with the laws applicable at your whereabouts.

9. Sale of MG products

MG products are sold according to the current version of the General Terms and Conditions of Supply. .

10. Applicable law

All legal claims or processes in connection with this information website and/or its utilization are subject to the legislation of the Federal Republic of Germany.