A New Era of Acrylic Topcoats

ALEXSEAL® Acrylic Topcoat X uses the latest acrylic resin technologies combined with decades of yacht coatings knowledge. The topcoat will redefine the marine acrylic coating market with brilliant paintwork results and simple, time-saving application.

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Excellent coverage

Full hide in two coats with most colors

Exceptional DOI

Equal to polyester topcoats

Forgiving surface

Brilliant buffing properties

Product details

A successful application result on a yacht depends not only on the quality of the material but also on the application process. That is why the Alexseal ® team focused on all aspects of the yacht coatings market to develop a new generation of acrylic topcoat that delivers excellent results in a wide variety of application conditions.

The Alexseal’s ® full range of colors is available for the X Series, allowing various individual hull, deck, and stripe combinations. It has a higher level of finish compared to existing acrylics in the yacht market and equals polyester topcoats. The close coordination between applicators and product developers brings theory and practice together in an outstanding surface.

Safety Data Sheets

The safety data sheets contain information regarding work safety and environmental protection. These statements are based on our current state of knowledge regarding safety demands and do not guarantee certain characteristics.

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