Interior Urethane

Interior UrethaneALEXSEAL® Interior Coating is a two component, polyurethane based material used where an extremely durable coating is required. Good adhesion properties on a variety of substrates, combined with high resistance values make ALEXSEAL® Interior Coating suitable for many areas of application.

The cured film is resistant to abrasion, scratching, solvents, chemicals, synthetic cooling agents and hydraulic oils.

This coating is recommended for interior applications only. If objects exposed to extreme weather conditions are not cleaned regularly, UV rays will cause slight gloss and color changes. However, this does not affect the film’s protective properties.

Range of Application

ALEXSEAL® Interior Coating is used for parts in the engine room and the yacht’s interior.


ALEXSEAL® Interior Coating is available in standard factory packaged colors and, upon request, in custom colors. Refer to the color card or price list for part numbers.

Technical Data Sheets