Metallic System

Luxurious Durability

Alexseal M SeriesThe ALEXSEAL® Metallic System offers discerning yacht owners a more durable and luxurious alternative to the less than ideal automotive finishes often used in the marine market.

The ALEXSEAL® Metallic System provides a brilliant metallic effect, great distinction of image, and long-term UV resistance. Equally as impressive is the ease of application – which translates into less time and expense involved with the application of your yacht’s ever-important first and lasting impressions.

In addition, an aliphatic polyester polyurethane clear coat works in unison to provide the scratch and stain resistance that yachts require. This clear coat advantage is why The ALEXSEAL® Metallic System performs like a single stage aliphatic polyester polyurethane while providing a superior metallic appearance.

ALEXSEAL’s chemists designed this unique metallic technology for application on large surfaces while continuing to provide unsurpassed durability and abrasion resistance. This innovative product development incorporates aluminum and pearlescent pigmentation and offers excellent coverage, uniformity and ease of application. No other metallic system provides these “severe wear” features that the marine market demands.

Color Selection

Technical Description

ALEXSEAL® Metallic Base Coat has been designed specifically to withstand the harsh marine environment. It is formulated with a two-component basecoat that provides superior inter-coat adhesion and reduces the possibility of mottling or unevenness in the finish. In addition a two-component aliphatic polyester polyurethane is used for the final clear finish. This gives the ALEXSEAL® Metallic System unsurpassed scratch and stain resistance while preventing discoloration of the clear coat.

Range of Application

ALEXSEAL® Metallic Base Coat is intended to be part of a base coat/clear coat finish combined with ALEXSEAL® Premium Topcoat 501, T0125 Clear Gloss for the application of a metallic finish. It can be used internally or externally on areas of the yacht which are not subject to permanent water immersion.

Technical Data Sheets