Wash Primer 133

Wash Primer 133 familyALEXSEAL® Wash Primer 133 is a vinyl based zinc chromate two component primer used to inhibit corrosion and promote adhesion to metal substrates including anodized aluminum, stainless steel, and de-oiled washed galvanized steel.

Range of application

ALEXSEAL® Wash Primer 133 is designed to prime and seal old and new, properly prepared, metal surfaces prior to the application of ALEXSEAL® topcoats or ALEXSEAL® finish primers. This product is ideal for masts, parts and thin gauge metal where minimal fairing is required. It may be top coated or primed depending on the application requirements. Wash Primer 133 may be used above and below the waterline.


Colors of mixture: Yellow Green
Base material: Yellow

Technical Data Sheets