Protective Primer 161

Protective Primer 161ALEXSEAL® Protective Primer 161 is an epoxy based primer. Due to specific corrosion inhibitors and a combination of epoxy resin binding agents, this primer offers excellent adhesion promotion on all substrates as well as corrosion protection on steel and aluminium substrates.

The long re-coating times of ALEXSEAL® Protective Primer 161 allows an economical application process. After curing, ALEXSEAL® Protective Primer 161 is the ideal adhesion promoter for additional layers of ALEXSEAL® products.

Range of Application

ALEXSEAL® Protective Primer 161 is used for corrosion protection and adhesion promotion on steel and aluminium substrates, both above and below the waterline.


Color of mixture: White / Gray / Yellow
Base material: White / Gray / Yellow
Converter: Clear

Technical Data Sheets