Protective Primers

ALEXSEAL® Protective Primers provide corrosion-prevention for aluminum or steel. They are easy to apply using either a sprayer or roller. Superior adhesion properties work equally well above and below the waterline and establish a sealed substrate that is ready to be faired to perfection.

Protective Primer 161Protective Primer 161

ALEXSEAL® Protective Primer 161 is an epoxy based primer. Due to specific corrosion inhibitors and a combination of epoxy resin binding agents, this primer offers excellent adhesion promotion on all substrates as well as corrosion protection on steel and aluminium substrates.

Wash Primer 133Wash Primer 133

ALEXSEAL® Wash Primer 133 is a vinyl based zinc chromate two component primer used to inhibit corrosion and promote adhesion to metal substrates including anodized aluminum, stainless steel, and de-oiled washed galvanized steel.