Fine Filler 303

Fine Filler 303 familyALEXSEAL® Fine Filler 303 is a solvent-free, epoxy-based filler which cures without shrinking. It cures as a water resistant solid coating. This is an ideal product to use between ALEXSEAL® Fairing Compound 202 and ALEXSEAL® Super Build 302 or ALEXSEAL® Finish Primer 442. Fine Filler 303 is used when a tight pull of fairing is required to fill small imperfections prior to applying a surfacer or finish primer. ALEXSEAL® Fine Filler 303 is used to fill and fair minor surface imperfections.

Range of Application

ALEXSEAL® Fine Filler 303 is used to even out imperfections on appropriately prepared surfaces and can be used for surfaces above and below the waterline. If ALEXSEAL® Fine Filler 303 is used below the waterline it must be sealed with ALEXSEAL® Super Build 302 and ALEXSEAL® Finish Primer 442.


Color of mixture: Sand
Base material: Light Gray
Converter: Beige

Technical Data Sheets