High Build Surfacers

Alexseal High Build Primers & Surfacers are high build sprayable epoxy coatings that use pigments and extenders which offer various surface building qualities and provide ideal sanding characteristics to achieve a yacht finish.

Super Build 302Super Build 302

ALEXSEAL® Super Build 302 is an epoxy-based high build primer / surfacer which cures into a smooth easy to sand, water resistant coating.

Fine Filler 303Fine Filler 303

ALEXSEAL® Fine Filler 303 is a solvent-free, epoxy-based filler which cures without shrinking. ALEXSEAL® Fine Filler 303 is used to fill and fair minor surface imperfections.

Spray Fair 328Spray Fair 328

ALEXSEAL® Spray Fair 328 is an epoxy-based, sprayable filler surfacer, which provides the ideal product for yachts that require filling and fairing.