Auxiliary Products


Flattening AdditiveFlattening Additive

ALEXSEAL® Flattening Additive is a matting paste for ALEXSEAL® Premium Topcoat 501. This product varies the degree of gloss without reducing the mechanical properties of the topcoat. ALEXSEAL® Flattening Additive is ideal to use when a lower gloss level is desired to minimize glare and surface defects.

Non SkidNon Skid

ALEXSEAL® Non Skid is specifically developed to achieve non-skid textures on surfaces where anti-skid properties are required.

  • Accelerator for Premium Topcoat 501
  • Accelerator for Finish Primer 442
  • Accelerator for Super Build 302
  • Surface Degreaser / Dewaxer
  • Wipe Down Solvent
Premium Cleaning Products

Premium Wash Down Concentrate
Premium Wash Down

ALEXSEAL® Premium Wash Down Concentrate is a biodegradable washing detergent designed to clean ALEXSEAL® topcoats. It is neutral in PH; does not include abrasives and is free rinsing which decreases drying time.

Premium Polymer Sealer
Premium Polymer Sealer

ALEXSEAL® Premium Polymer Sealer is a non-abrasive synthetic sealer designed for cleaning and protecting surfaces painted with polyurethane. It is formulated with UV absorbers that will help protect the paint from exposure to the sun and improve the coatings’ life expectancy.