Join us for our exclusive Paint School

A premier educational opportunity offered in both the United States and Europe: Discover our exclusive Paint School where we delve into the nuances of consistent application techniques, from mastering spray equipment setup to the finesse of touch-ups and metallic finishes.

Our classes are focused on paint applicators and paint foremen, secondly for shipyard project managers and paint inspectors and lastly distributor sales people that want more in-depth knowledge. It's a training especially created for yacht paint industry professionals.

This intensive program covers everything, from working with diverse yacht substrates to troubleshooting common application challenges. Gain invaluable insights for optimizing final results and unlocking the potential for maximizing profits. Elevate your professional painting expertise by joining us in reshaping the future of coatings.

Dive into hands-on training where you'll put your knowledge into practice.                     
The majority of our sessions will focus on applying the core products from the Alexeal Yacht Coatings portfolio, offering a valuable opportunity to experience and refine your confidence in working with them.

We offer during the year various classes with a different focus in the United States.
Just send us your contact details as well as your focus topic you are interested in.

We will let you know when we have a suitable training stage.

Paint School in Europe will be organized individually by request.