Environmental Policies

Performance With a Conscience

As Alexseal® Yacht Coatings is a brand of the Mankiewicz Group it is committed to continually improving our overall performance in the realm of environmental protection. We strive to exceed global standards, and observe legal requirements worldwide.

The Alexseal® system is comprised of high-quality, innovative products which – during all phases of their life cycle – enable the greatest possible environmental compatibility. Process optimization during all stages of production and maintenance also ensures a careful handling of the available resources. To ensure safe production processes, we also continually update our equipment to only use state-of-the-art technology.

environmentOur employees are trained regularly to gain awareness of the most current environmental practices. We also involve our suppliers and customers in this process, and actively communicate with the public and environmental authorities to minimize adverse effects on the environment.

Our sensitive approach to ecological issues is evident in our selection criteria for raw material suppliers and their handling of these issues. Thus, we favour suppliers that are certified according to ISO 14001, and regularly have our company audited for ISO compliance.

Within the last ten years, we have significantly increased our percentage of water-dilutable coating materials. We supply OEMs with water-dilutable paints, provided that climatic and processing conditions at the various paint shops allow for it. Generally, it is one of our objectives to offer a water-dilutable alternative for each of our solvent-based products, while at the same time complying with specifications and requirements made on the surfaces.

Use of water-dilutable products drastically reduces the solvent emissions, thus lessening the risks of fire and explosion. Furthermore, environmental pollution is reduced.

Our major objective is the rationalisation of paint processes by reducing process steps, i.e. by replacing various paint layers by just one layer. We reduce the film thickness, and also lessen the paint consumption by developing high-performance paints. Thereby the drying processes are simplified while at the same time – owing to less material consumption – significant weight reduction is obtained. Additionally, these measures help save energy and preserve resources.

Further investments in the R&D sector – at our suppliers, as well as at our plant – enable us to distinctly extend our paint systems´ aging resistance and consequently the maintenance of the goods coated with them. Our company policy mandates that we will ensure our compliance with future demands on environmental protection and sustainability worldwide. We consider it our duty to provide our customers with not only the highest performing coatings products, but the most environmentally friendly products as well.