Premium Topcoat 501

Premium Topcoat 501 Family

ALEXSEAL® Premium Topcoat 501 is a two component, polyurethane-based coating, designed for exterior and interior applications. ALEXSEAL® Premium Topcoat 501 has a high gloss wet look which provides superior distinction of image. This product has been specifically developed for the yacht industry.

The product’s special characteristics ensure a reduction of cleaning and maintenance, while at the same time preserving the yacht’s appearance and value. After curing, ALEXSEAL® Premium Topcoat 501 offers excellent gloss and color stability values, even under extreme climatic conditions. Additionally the material is highly resistant to UV rays, salt water, abrasion and fuel.

Range of Application

ALEXSEAL® Premium Topcoat 501 is used as a extreme high-gloss topcoat in spray or brush applications. It can be used internally or externally in areas not subject to permanent water immersion.


ALEXSEAL® Premium Topcoat 501 is available in standard factory packaged colors and, upon request, in custom colors. Refer to the color card or product overview for part numbers.

Technical Data Sheets