Auxiliary Products


Flattening AdditiveFlattening Additive

ALEXSEAL® Flattening Additive is a matting paste for ALEXSEAL® Premium Topcoat 501. This product varies the degree of gloss without reducing the mechanical properties of the topcoat. ALEXSEAL® Flattening Additive is ideal to use when a lower gloss level is desired to minimize glare and surface defects.

Non SkidNon Skid

ALEXSEAL® Non Skid is specifically developed to achieve non-skid textures on surfaces where anti-skid properties are required.

  • Accelerator for Premium Topcoat 501
  • Accelerator for Finish Primer 442
  • Accelerator for Super Build 302
  • Surface Degreaser / Dewaxer
  • Wipe Down Solvent