Alexseal Yacht Coatings Whitepaper

Making the best marine finish is a straight forward, but hard to achieve formula: Start with the most seasoned and capable chemists in the industry. Use the absolute best raw materials. Apply the strictest of quality control. Employ the most sophisticated and precise manufacturing processes. Provide consistently uniform and reliable products with the highest gloss, durability, and ease of repair. And finally, provide your customer the most experienced, highly trained technical support people who are committed to every customer’s success. While ALEXSEAL ® may be a relatively new name to the market, there is more marine urethane experience in every ALEXSEAL product than in any other brand. In fact, the developers of ALEXSEAL were the visionaries who decades ago first brought aliphatic polyester polyurethanes from the aerospace industry to the marine market. They created the trade of urethane application. When it comes to marine coatings, they have seen it all—in the field and in the lab. In 2002, they developed in cooperation with the clients and market ALEXSEAL, committed to take their vast experience in combination with the latest state-of-the-art availabilities in raw materials to the next level—using materials that did not exist when earlier generation products were formulated and are still not found in competitive products today. The skills of the more than 150 chemists and over 100 years of manufacturing experience of the Mankiewicz Group, to which ALEXSEAL as a brand belongs to, continue to innovate in cooperation with the market’s and client’s need and use more advanced raw materials than the competition. The basic formulation of ALEXSEAL Topcoats has been proven, stable and unchanged for longer than any other in the industry. What does this mean to you as an owner, project manager, yacht builder, or applicator? Reliability. You can trust that you will always get the same high gloss, highly durable, and easy-to-repair finish from today’s can of ALEXSEAL as you did ten years ago and as you will ten years from now. No one else has delivered this consistency of quality to the market. Our good name depends on the results – No one should have to accept a finish that fails due to changing or experimental formulations – You can count on ALEXSEAL to provide the products that will give you consistently superior results. I’ve been painting boats for 33 years. For the last six years I have used only ALEXSEAL products. The whole range of products is foolproof. We now specialize in metallic painting of luxury yachts with the ALEXSEAL metallic system. The quality is in every product and it stays there. I’ve never had a warranty complaint from our customers with ALEXSEAL products - no yellowing, no fading, just no problems at all. Peter Dijkstra - Peter Dijkstra Yacht Painting Quality control at ALEXSEAL starts the minute a raw material is received. Until each ingredient is individually tested – and every single batch that comes into ALEXSEAL is tested – and the results confirm compliance to ALEXSEAL’s precise specifications, that material is kept in quarantine so there is no possibility of an inferior ingredient ending up in a batch of ALEXSEAL product. More Than Just the World’s Best Marine Coatings ALEXSEAL.COM > Europe: +49 (40) 75 10 30 > North America: +1 (843) 654 7755 1 Luxury superyacht Kokomo , coated in ALEXSEAL ®